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Tired Of Dry Skin And Bloody Noses From Dry Air? Call A Furnace Repair Team For A Solution Today

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Does the air in your home get so dry during the winter when the furnace is running that it causes your skin to become irritated? If so, you want to talk with a furnace repair professional about getting a humidifier added to your heating unit.

There are a lot of issues that can arise in the home when the air is too dry. Not only can dry air affect your overall health and cause discomfort and illness, but it also causes problems for the home. When the moisture is sucked out of the wood in the home, you can end up with creaky floors, doors and windows that are difficult to open and close, and damaged items like instruments or books.

An HVAC professional can go to your home to talk about what can be done to help restore moisture to the air in your home and prevent these issues. Get estimates for the following services.

Humidifier Installation

A humidifier that is installed on the furnace will require no additional services from you. A water line will be connected, and the unit will mist moisture into the air as needed before it circulates throughout the house. This benefits you more than a traditional humidifier because you don't have to monitor water levels and manually fill the machine up.

Duct Cleaning

If the air has been dry and dusty, the ducts where dust has settled needs to be cleaned. The furnace repair team can use a vacuuming system to clean out all the dust and debris that has accumulated, and they can even apply a cleaning agent throughout the ducts. This improves air quality throughout the home.

HVAC Tune-Up

The inside of the furnace may also be dusty, and this dust gets pushed through to the ducts. Have the furnace tuned-up when the furnace service professionals are there to add the humidifier and when the ducts are cleaned. This is going to improve the efficiency of the furnace, allow the professionals to see if there are flaws or concerns, and keep dust from entering the ducts from the furnace.

Don't spend any more time with dry skin, nose bleeds, and other problems because of the dry air that is in your home. Instead, talk with the professionals that do furnace repair work and get a humidifier added to your unit so you can enjoy moistened air. Reach out to a heating contractor near you to learn more.