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Restoring Your Faulty Heating System

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The heating system that is warming your home during the winter months is likely one of the most complicated and important appliances in your house. When a heating unit encounters problems, it can lead to immediate comfort issues, and it can also be common for homeowners to be unsure as to what they should be doing in order to correct the fault with the system.

Inconsistent Heating Output For The Various Rooms In The House

A common issue that can occur when a heating system is starting to experience problems can be inconsistencies with the heating output for the various rooms in the house. In particular, the rooms that are closer to the heating system may be substantially warmer than those that are further. While a homeowner may assume that this is a result of problems with the heat output of the unit, it could actually be due to problems with the distribution system for the heater. For example, a faulty blower could prevent the heat from being distributed through the home despite the system's output being unchanged.

Failing Heating Elements

Electric heating systems will have a number of different heating elements that will actually produce the warmth that will be distributed throughout the home. Any problems with these heating elements can severely impact the ability of the heating unit to produce warmth. While this may not be as noticeable if only one heating element has failed, it can rapidly worsen as the faulty heating element will put additional strain on the others, which can result in them being more likely to suffer a failure.

Blocked Air Intakes

Heating systems will rely on air intakes to provide the oxygen that is needed for combustion systems, and the airflow can be important for electric systems as it can allow the excess heat to be dissipated before it is able to damage the components of the system. Regularly cleaning the vents on the exterior of the heating unit can help to avoid these problems, but it is possible for clogs to form on the interior of the system. Removing these clogs can require an expert as it could involve taking apart much of the outer casing of the heater in order to reach the clog and extract it. If you suspect that your system has this type of clog, it should be removed as soon as possible as the restricted airflow can cause severe performance issues and even substantial damage to the unit.

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