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What Happens During A Home Chimney Inspection

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If you have a fireplace in your home, having it inspected by a professional service is a necessary step to help keep those in your home safe. Here are the tasks a home chimney inspector takes so you are familiar with the actions taken as they happen.

The Fireplace Is Checked For Structural Issues And Obstructions

A home chimney inspector will use bright illumination to visibly see the inside of your chimney in detail. They will look for spots that are no longer intact, areas with large accumulations of creosote, and the presence of nests or natural debris that made their way inside. If the chimney has damage, it needs repairs to be conducted before you decide to light a fire in your fireplace. The chimney inspection service may offer repair services themselves or they can make recommendations to help you find a reputable business in your area to do the job.

Obstructions Are Removed So Your Fireplace Can Be Used

If there are obstructions found in your chimney, they will be removed from this space. Creosote can be removed by burning a special log in your fireplace to loosen the debris from the walls of your chimney. The inspection service may do this during their session, or they may alert you to do this on your own time and then contact a chimney sweep to remove the remnants. If a nest is found, special tools are needed to loosen them from the chimney area. This can be done from down below at the opening of your fireplace or from above from your rooftop. Creosote remnants are also removed with brushes, brooms, and scraping tools. After the debris is removed, smoke and embers can once again be emitted through the chimney opening.

Recommendations Are Made For Upgrades If Needed

After a chimney inspector looks inside the space leading from your fireplace, they may have some recommendations for you pertaining to upgrading the fireplace and chimney so it works properly. If a component is out of date, a newer option will need to be installed to keep your fireplace and chimney in the best of condition. An inspection business usually has the means available to order needed supplies to make upgrades, or they will be able to direct you to a fireplace company in your area so you can purchase them on your own or have a service worker come to your home to perform an installation process.

For more information about home chimney inspections, contact a local company.