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What To Expect When Having A New Air Conditioner Installed

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Having a new air conditioner installed can be really exciting. Maybe you've been making do with a barely functioning AC unit for a while, and this new one will allow you to keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. Or, perhaps your old AC unit was an energy hog, and you're thrilled that your energy bills will soon be lower. You have a pretty good idea of what to expect when your new AC is in place, but what about the installation process itself? Here are some questions you may have about AC installation and what happens in that process.

How long will it take?

Most HVAC contractors can replace an air conditioner in a single day. Your installation may take a little longer if you need to have changes made to the ductwork or if you are also having your furnace replaced at the same time. If your AC contractor made an appointment for a single day and did not mention that they'd also be back the next day, then you can assume they plan on finishing on that first day.

Where will the new air conditioner be?

In most cases, your AC installer will put the new air conditioner right where the old one is. If there is a reason you don't want your AC unit in this same spot, let the installer know prior to your appointment. They can come out, take a look around your home, and let you know what the alternatives are. Keep in mind that the possible locations where they can install your AC unit will depend on the layout of your ducts, the placement of your landscaping, and how your basement is arranged. In some cases, it's not possible to move the new AC unit. 

Do the AC installers need to get inside your home?

Yes. Although they are replacing the air conditioner that sits outside, they will also need to replace the indoor component of your central AC system. To do this, they will need access to your basement or to the area where the AC unit is housed. They may also need access to the rest of your home if they're replacing your thermostat or making changes to ductwork.

Armed with this knowledge, you are now better prepared to have your AC unit replaced. Keep in mind that every home is a bit different, and your installer may need to make changes or do some things "on the fly" to ensure your new equipment works as intended.

For more information about air conditioning installation, contact a local company.