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Commonly Needed Heating Repairs

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Encountering any significant issues with your heating system can make your home a very unpleasant place to be when the temperature drops. During the winter months, being able to handle the types of problems that might be the most likely to have an impact on your system may help you to minimize the issues that a heating problem could create.

A Pilot Light That Is Regularly Going Out

If your heating system uses natural gas or heating oil, a pilot light can be an integral part of the heating system. This light will play the role of igniting the fuel that is being supplied when the heating system is active. However, if this light is regularly going out, it can prevent the heating system from working correctly as it may be unable to ignite the burners until the pilot light has been turned back on. When you are encountering this problem with your heating system, the pilot light may need to be cleaned. Residues and other substances can gather on the pilot light, which can result in reducing both the airflow into it as well as the fuel supply.

Weak Air Flow From The Forced Air Units

Forced air heating systems are among the most commonly found in residential properties. While these units can be highly efficient at distributing warm air, they can suffer problems that could impact the force of the air that is coming from the vents. As a result, you might notice a sudden decrease in the ability of the system to warm the areas of a room that are farther from the vents or even the rooms that are the farthest from the heating system itself. Unfortunately, this problem is typically related to problems with the blower, and this is an issue that a homeowner will need professional assistance to correct.

A Heating Unit That Turns Off After Running For A Few Minutes

A heating system that shuts off after only a few minutes of being active may be unable to warm the home in an efficient manner. Unfortunately, there can be many potential causes for this problem. A common reason for the heating system to exhibit this issue can be due to the unit actually overheating. This can force the system to turn off for a period of time until it cools. Failing to have this problem repaired can eventually result in major damage occurring to it as the excessive heat can actually start to degrade some of the components that are used in the system.

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