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3 Essential Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks That Save Your AC Equipment From Damage

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Preventative maintenance is important for any type of equipment, including your air conditioner. Parts will eventually wear down, and they may need cleaned or lubricated often to stay operational. When these maintenance tasks are done before problems arise with your AC, you can prevent a breakdown and the need for costly repairs. Here are some important preventative air conditioning maintenance tasks an AC technician may do to ensure your air conditioner operates optimally.

1. Clean The Condensate Drain

The evaporator coil in the air handler creates condensation when your AC is running. The condensation drips from the coils into a pan where it rolls into a drain and out of the house. If the drain is clogged with insects, algae, or other debris, the condensation accumulates in the pan until it overflows.

This water can damage your HVAC and even cause mold to grow on your floor. If you have a float switch in the drain pain, your AC may even shut down when the pan is full so the water doesn't overflow. Cleaning out the condensate drain is an important preventative air conditioning maintenance task because it prevents water damage and moldy odors. Since algae is often the cause of blockage in the condensate drain, the maintenance technician may need to add a treatment solution to the drain pan that prevents algae from growing.

2. Clean And Check The Refrigerant Lines

The refrigerant system in your AC is essential for keeping your home cool. You may never have a problem with the refrigerant lines, but if one of the copper lines develops a pinhole, the AC maintenance technician can find it during a preventative maintenance check. When a leak is found, it needs to be plugged in or your AC won't be able to keep your home very cool unless it runs longer than usual and drives up your power bill. As more refrigerant leaks out, the functioning of your AC gets worse, so repairs may be needed.

In addition to fixing any leaks in the refrigerant system, the maintenance technician cleans the coils if they need it since dirty coils can cause the AC to ice over. The technician also checks the fins on the outside of the condenser coil to make sure they aren't smashed flat. This obstructs airflow and can cause problems with your AC unless the fins are straightened back out.

3. Clean And Inspect The Blower Fan And Motor

The blower is another essential part of your AC because, without it, cool air wouldn't move through your house. The blower fan accumulates dust over time and the technician has to clean it off. If this isn't done regularly, your AC will probably overheat and stop functioning due to the strain a dirty fan puts on the motor.

In addition to cleaning the fan and checking it for damage, the technician also checks the fan and services it if needed. Depending on the type of furnace you have, the technician may need to lubricate the moving parts in the fan and motor as well as check or change the belt.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for air conditioning maintenance services near you.