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4 Primary Types Of Air Conditioning Units You Can Purchase For Your Home

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If your home is too warm in the summer, you will want to install an air conditioning unit to cool things down. When it comes to installing an air conditioner system, there are different styles of units that you should consider for your home.

Type #1: Window-Mounted Unit

First, if you want to get quick relief from the heat, you will want to consider installing a window-mounted air conditioning unit. With a window unit, you need a window that you can open up. You can then place the unit inside of the window, where it will balance on the ledge. You may need to add a bracket to support the weight of the unit for added stability.

A window-mounted unit is excellent for cooling off a small space or living somewhere that gets the occasional hot spell but generally has more moderate temperatures. With this type of unit, you are going to want to remove it during the winter months.

Type #2: Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner 

Second, a wall-mounted air conditioner is a little different than a window-mounted unit. It does look very similar in configuration. However, it is permanently mounted through your wall. A metal sleeve is put in the wall, and the unit is slid into place. A wall-mounted air conditioner unit can be used just for cooling your home, or you can install one that handles both heating and cooling capabilities. You don't have to take the unit down during the off-season, but you will have to cut a hole in the wall.

Type #3: Portable Air Conditioner Unit

Third, you can install a portable air conditioner unit. With this type of unit, you can roll the unit around your home. It is tall and clunky, though, so you may not want to, even though you can move it around.

With a portable unit, you are going to need to have an exhaust tube installed. You can exhaust it through a vent in the wall or exhaust it through a window. This type of unit is easy to remove when the cold weather arrives, but it takes up floor space inside your home when in use.

Type #4: Central Air Conditioner Unit

Fourth, you are going to want to consider a central air conditioner unit. With a central unit, you are going to need to install a compressor and put in ductwork. If your home isn't set up for this, this can be an expensive unit to install. However, once it is in place, you can get decades of use out of it.

Talk to an AC installation technician to determine what type of unit will work best for your home. A portable or window unit is great if you don't want to alter your home but want some relief from the heat. A wall unit or central air conditioning unit is better if you want a more permanent cooling solution installed in your home.