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Four Signs That Let You Know Your Boiler Is In Need Of Repairs

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A boiler is an integral part of a household's ability to stay warm during the winter/cold seasons. Thus, when the boiler stops working, it greatly affects the quality of living. However, in most cases, a boiler won't just randomly shut down one day. Before a complete breakdown occurs, a boiler will give you signals that indicate there is a malfunction.

Thus, when you get the signals, you should not neglect them. Instead, have a residential boiler repair contractor have a look at your boiler before it completely fails. Don't wait until the boiler breaks down completely because you might have to incur hefty repair costs or, in the worst case, purchase a new boiler.

Here the four warning signs that let you know it's time to call a residential boiler repair technician.

1. Unusual Noises

When a boiler is turned on, it is usually quiet. Thus, if you notice strange banging, whirring, or clunking sounds, there must be a problem with the boiler. Whirring sounds often indicate the fan is worn out and needs to get replaced. Clunking sounds indicate the pump has an issue, and it should get check out to determine if it can get repaired or needs a replacement. Banging sounds are a result of kettling. 

Kettling occurs when debris such as salt gets trapped in the heat exchanger and water starts to boil. Pieces of loose debris get knocked around the exchanger by boiling water and thus the banging noise. Whenever you hear unusual noises emanating from your boiler, have a residential boiler repair person check it out as soon as possible.

2. Fouls Smell

A foul smell indicates that the boiler is not burning fuel efficiently or it has a gas leak. Gas is primarily odorless, but as a safety precaution, manufacturers add sulfur so that consumers can smell the gas leak.

If the boiler is not burning the gas effectively, then there is an emission of carbon monoxide, which is deadly to human health. A gas leak is just as deadly because if the gas fills your house and you light a match, the gas will ignite and burn down your house.

Thus, whenever you detect a foul odor that smells like a combination of eggs and burning metal, call a residential boiler repair technician to fix the issue immediately. Please don't neglect this sign because it means it's a life or death situation.

3. Dripping or Leaking Water

If you notice moisture or puddles near your boiler's tank, the chances are that it is leaking water because the tank has begun to wear out due to corrosion. Alternatively, the tank could leak water when it becomes excessively full and needs to regulate the pressure. If the tank is overly full, it could burst open, causing damage to your property. Thus, don't take any chances with leaking boilers. Instead, have your residential boiler contractor have a look at it immediately.

4. Taking Long To Heat

When you turn on the boiler, you should expect it to start heating your house instantly or after a short while. However, if the boiler starts taking longer to provide heat, then there is a malfunction. Numerous reasons can lead to slow heating, and thus, it is advisable to have a residential boiler repair person check out the cause before the boiler completely fails to produce heat.

If you have questions, contact a local boiler repair service.