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Fall Tune-Up Tips For Your Heating System

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The return of fall brings with it cooling temperatures and an urge to spend more time indoors. Make sure the time you are spending indoors with your family is as comfortable as possible by getting your HVAC system professionally serviced. You likely ignored that side of your HVAC system entirely during the dog days of summer, so here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure your heating system is ready to get the job done.

Remove the Dust and Dirt

With your heating system lying dormant for as long as it has, chances are there has been a build-up of dust or dirt within the furnace itself. Open the furnace up (after disconnecting the power) and do what you can to remove any dust or lingering grime from the previous winter. A clean furnace is one that can run more efficiently.

The dust and dirt might not be limited to the inside of your furnace though. When's the last time you cleaned the vents or air ducts throughout your home? Even if you were still using this part of the HVAC system with your central air, the start of a new season is still a good time to give your entire home a deep cleaning.

A New Filter Can Boost Efficiency

The start of a new season is also a good time to swap out the air filter inside your HVAC system. This is especially true if your central air and heater share the same filters in part of your HVAC system. A new or clean filter will ensure better airflow and greater overall efficiency for your entire HVAC system, and that can provide you with a lower energy bill at the end of every month.

Get a Tune-Up From a Professional Contractor

While you can do a good bit of cleaning and swapping out of basic components on your own, you really might want to consider a full inspection from a seasoned professional. A local HVAC contractor will be able to take a look at every individual component of your heating system and make any replacements or adjustments as needed.

To put it another way, it's likely a much better idea to pay a small maintenance bill now than a larger repair bill halfway through the fall season because you didn't bother getting your furnace inspected. A local professional that offers heating services can make sure your HVAC system is ready to get through the fall and winter seasons without issue.

If you have more questions about heating services, contact your local HVAC contractor.