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What To Know When You Start Commercial AC Repair

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If you are an HVAC contractor, then you will probably be called on for commercial AC repair at least once in your career. These systems typically have different voltages, use more modular systems, and are likely on the roof of the commercial building you are servicing.

Remember The Size Difference

One of the major differences between commercial and residential AC repair is that most commercial AC units are much larger than their residential alternatives. Some commercial buildings might be the size of the average house, if not smaller, but many commercial buildings such as large storage facilities, warehouses, and other places have a lot of space and the air conditioners to match. This size difference will need to be accounted for, as it means more power if going into the AC unit at any time. These AC units typically have three-phase units, so you'll want to treat them with caution.

Modular Systems

Another thing you should be aware of when you begin commercial AC repair is that commercial AC units are typically set up so that you can easily add or subtract for them, as they are modular. Residential units generally need to be replaced in their entirety if it needs to work with a larger area or if other changes need to be made. It should also be noted that commercial AC units can have one part or set of parts removed, repaired or replaced, and re-installed in a way that residential units can't handle. This can make it easier to install or repair.

The System May Be On The Roof

Finally, you should be prepared to enter the roof of the facility whose AC unit you are servicing once you arrive at the job. A lot of commercial buildings will place their AC unit on the roof because their units are typically larger, louder, and stronger. These elements make a roof placement safer and quieter, and it allows for more space inside the building. Residential units usually have half the system inside the building and half the system on the side, so commercial units may be easier to work with. The good news is that most commercial AC units have all of their parts, save for the ductwork, in one place.

If you are about to start a commercial AC unit repair job, then you should know that these units are generally larger, modular, and placed on the roof where they can't be interacted with by the public. While the size aspect can make your work harder, the modular and location aspect can make your job easier.