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Discuss All Your Options With An HVAC Dealer Before You Make A Buying Decision

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A new HVAC is a big investment, and it can be confusing to sort out all the options so you get the best value for your money. While you want good value, you don't want to base your buying decision on cost alone. Instead, talk to an HVAC dealer about the following aspects of getting a new HVAC.

The Size

The HVAC dealer will probably come to your home to determine the load calculation for the new HVAC. The size of the new unit is based on much more than the square footage of your home. Factors such as roofing, orientation of your home, local climate, and insulation could play a role in the type of new HVAC the dealer recommends. Selecting the right size for your new HVAC is critically important so you can operate the unit efficiently and have lower power bills.

Air Quality Additions

If you have allergies, or if you just want to ensure the air in your home is as clean as possible, you may want to learn about air quality additions for an HVAC system. This might include things like a UV air purifier, electronic filter, humidifier, or dehumidifier. Having these installed when you have your new HVAC installed could save on costs when compared to buying and installing the extra components later.

Maintenance And Warranty

Different brands of HVAC equipment may have different warranties. You may want to compare warranties to find a brand of HVAC that best suits your anticipated needs. You may get a warranty from the HVAC manufacturer and another from the installer. Learn what voids the warranty, such as making DIY repairs or skipping annual maintenance.

The HVAC dealer may also offer a maintenance package with your new HVAC, and you may want to sign up for it so you never forget a maintenance date and so your warranty is protected.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important because a more efficient HVAC will have lower operating costs. Look for the SEER rating, and choose the most efficient HVAC you can afford. A high-efficiency model costs more upfront, but you might see significant savings on your power bill if you have an old HVAC now that isn't very efficient.

In addition to buying a unit that has a high efficiency rating, you may also want to discuss the pros and cons of having a zoned system installed or pairing your HVAC with a smart thermostat that can help control your energy bill.

The HVAC dealer can help you choose the right new HVAC for your home and determine if you need all new parts, including new ducts. Choosing the right system may take a lot of thought and discussion, but you'll have peace of mind your home has the perfect new HVAC to keep your family comfortable all seasons of the year.