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4 Reasons To Avoid Installing A Too-Big HVAC System

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If you're ready to buy a heating and air conditioning unit, you are probably doing it so that you can keep your home at ideal temperatures on even the hottest or coldest days of the year. You might be thinking about buying the biggest unit that you can so that you can keep your home really cool. However, you should avoid installing a too-big HVAC system; instead, you should choose the one that is the right size for your home for these reasons.

1. They're More Expensive

Generally, bigger HVAC systems are more expensive than smaller systems. If you choose a bigger HVAC system than what you need for your home, you might spend a lot more on the purchase and installation of your unit than is necessary. Savings can be considerable if you choose a unit that is appropriately sized.

2. They're Not as Efficient

Efficiency is another concern. If your system is bigger than it needs to be, then you will be wasting a lot of energy each time that you run your unit. In addition to seeing an increase in your heating and cooling bills — even if you have purchased an energy-efficient unit — you also have to worry about environmental impact. Choosing a unit that is the right size and that is designed to be energy efficient will help you purchase and install the efficient system that you want.

3. They Don't Work as Well

You may think that a bigger HVAC system will actually work better at keeping your home comfortable. After all, a too-small unit might have difficulty keeping up with higher or lower temperatures. A too-big unit typically will not work as well at maintaining the proper temperature in a home, though. You can actually help make sure that your family stays comfortable by choosing an HVAC system that is the right size.

4. They Break Down More Quickly

Lastly, you might not have really thought about it, but a too-big HVAC system can actually break down more quickly and more often than an HVAC unit that is appropriately sized for your home. This is because a too-big unit will not operate as it is intended to do when running in a smaller home, which can cause wear and tear on its parts. If you choose an appropriately sized HVAC system and take good care of it, you can help prevent it from breaking down and can help make sure that it lasts in the long run.

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