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6 Signs Your A/C Needs Professional Help

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Having a professional give an air conditioning system attention is critical to its continued effective and efficient operation, but it may not always be obvious when it needs help. Sometimes the problem is more complex than just a lack of cool air being blown. These six problems may be signs that you need to get in touch with an air conditioning services technician.

1. Electric Bill Increased

An A/C unit may be pulling more electricity in order to achieve the same results. If you've been dealing with unusual conditions in your area, such as a month that was excessively humid, there may be a good reason for the machine to work hard and pull more juice. When all else is equal, however, then you should ask a professional to check it out. An excessive electrical draw may be an indication of a bigger issue that could lead to a fire, so don't hesitate to have your unit inspected.

2. Condensation

Observing condensation collecting anywhere in or near the space that's supposed to be air conditioned is an indication of trouble. It's likely a problem with the condenser or another internal component, and these are usually systems that you'll want a qualified air conditioning repair company to deal with.

3. Freezing

Seeing frost or icicle forming around the outside of a unit on a hot day is definitely a bit of a shock. In most cases, this is a product of air flow or condensation problems. In a few instances, though, it may happen because the unit is misreading the temperature and overworking itself.

4. Noises

Your A/C system, especially if it was built in the last 20 years, should operate at a fairly low noise level. If you're hearing anything like a squeak or a metallic drag, there's probably some type of mechanical trouble. The solution will typically be to replace a fan, but an air conditioning services company will be able to make sure it's not another moving part.

5. Vibrations

An air conditioning setup should have little to no play, even when it is operating at full capacity. If you see or hear any indications of vibrations, the unit should be shut down immediately and inspected by a technician.

6. Smells

Mechanical, smoky, or metallic smells are all signs that friction is going on inside a system. An A/C unit has lots of moving components, and it's wise to have a contractor check the problem out.