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Four Home Installations To Keep Your Allergies At Bay

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If you suffer from allergies, the appliances that you install in your home can make a difference, this includes the air system installations that you choose. It's important to pay closer attention to these things because it can definitely make a huge difference in your day-to-day life as an allergy sufferer. Here are four home installations that can help keep your allergies at bay:

  1. A Quality Air Conditioner: First off, if you are thinking of installing an air conditioner for your home, you need to choose a high quality one that filters and circulates air properly. This means choosing an air conditioner that is not only the right size for your home, but also one with a high MERV, which is the minimum efficiency reporting value. Choosing one that has a higher rating means that it works to filter and recirculate cleaner air at a more efficient rate. You also want one that has a changeable filter rather than one that is cleaned out because this provides better filtration results. 
  2. A Dehumidifer: Having a whole-house dehumidifier installed with your new air conditioning can make a world of difference. While air conditioners themselves work somewhat as a dehumidifier, they are not nearly as effective. With a dehumidifier alongside it, the moisture in the air is removed more efficiently for a healthier home. 
  3. UV Air Cleaning: You should also request that the air conditioning installation comes with UV air cleaning. This is when the air that goes through the air conditioning system passes through the UV light that purifies and cleans the air to a further extent. This is the way it's done in laboratories, as well as hospitals so you know you are getting cleaner air that is healthier for your home. 
  4. An Air Filtration System: Having an air filtration system is also something worth considering as an allergy sufferer. These systems are installed for the air to pass through before it passes through the filter that comes with the air conditioning system. The benefit of this is that it traps even more of the dust and particles in the air. On top of this, the surface area of these filters are usually larger, so it's able to filter more air more quickly than the filter attached to the AC system. 

With these four home installations done, you can definitely work to keep your allergies at bay so that your home becomes a healthier and more enjoyable place for you.