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Maintaining A Functional Central Air Conditioning System

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If a central air conditioning system isn't properly taken care of, it can stop producing cool air and develop a number of other problems. If your system is in a good working condition, it is still important to pay attention to problems that arise so they can be resolved in a timely manner. A central air conditioning system can last for years down the road by ensuring that it receives preventative maintenance every now and then. Taking care of your air conditioning system can prevent costly repairs from being needed when least expected. Browse this article to learn how a technician can assist with keeping your air conditioning system functional.

Check the Thermostat Needle for Accuracy

The thermostat needle might seem like an unimportant part of your air conditioning system, but it actually plays a big role in functionality. The reason why is because if the needle becomes loose, it might not display accurate temperatures. Your air conditioner can lose efficiency due to you not knowing the right temperature level that the thermostat is set on. For instance, you might think the temperature is set low enough to cool down your house, when it is actually set at a much higher temperature than what is displayed. An air conditioning services technician can inspect the needle each time that preventative maintenance is performed to the system.

Ensure that the Evaporator Coil is in Good Shape

Your air conditioning system can stop producing cold air completely if the evaporator coil has issues. The evaporator coil is basically the part in the system that makes warm air turn cold. When the warm air flows into the coil, it touches freezing metal that causes the air to drop to a low temperature. The cold air then flows through the air ducts before it makes it to vents and flows into the rooms in your house. The coil must be inspected for rust, dirt, and cracks every now and then in case repairs or cleaning it is necessary.

Thoroughly Clean the Blower Fan Parts

The blower fan is just as important as the thermostat needle and evaporator coil. The blower fan can stop working for several reasons, such as if it is covered in dirt.  For example, blades are unable to rotate with a full amount of speed when there is a substantial amount of dirt on them. The speed that the blades are able to rotate is important because it determines how much air your house is able to receive when the air conditioner is running. A technician can clean the blower fan blades, fittings, and the motor.