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Making Your Home More Heat Efficient

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When you want to make your home more heat efficient, there are a number of ways for you to do this. You can install a pellet stove, which can heat up an entire home. Choosing radiant floor heating can make the rooms where it's installed more heat efficient. Having a home audit can help uncover any problem areas and suggest fixes that will reduce heat loss. In addition, you can use heavy drapes to keep in the warmth, and make sure all vents are open to allow air to circulate evenly. When you want to reduce heating costs and improve the efficiency of your heating system, it's time to learn ways to make improvements.

Installing a Pellet Stove

While there is an initial cost to installing a pellet stove, most are large enough to heat an entire house. The fuel is generally small pellets made out of organic materials, and you pay for pellets by the bag. A pellet stove might use one bag of pellets a day, making it easy for you to budget for fuel for your pellet stove. Pellet stoves produce a warm, dry heat and they can be used as freestanding units in almost any room you choose.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating warms up a room from the ground up. It's installed right below your floor, and when radiant floor heating is turned on, the hot water tubes or electrical coils below the surface begin to warm up. As heat rises, the heat flows naturally from the ground. This warms up a room faster, producing an even heat throughout the room. It's a heating source you can't see, and it's more efficient than traditional heating sources. The air in the room remains at a constant temperature, and people within the room stay warm because the floor isn't so cold that it's seeping heat from the individual.

You can also improve the efficiency of your heating system by making sure that you get your system serviced once a year. Any filters should be changed, and the heating unit should be cleaned. If there is duct work, it should be checked for leaks and cleaned if necessary. Opening up heavy drapes when the sun is shining will help warm up a room, while closing heavy drapes when there isn't sun helps keep the heat in. To reduce heating costs, it helps to use a variety of heating sources, such as radiant floor heating. 

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