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How To Clean Your Condenser Fins

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There are many aspects of an HVAC system that you can work on by yourself, even if you aren't an HVAC specialist. Of course, the point is to find a simple maintenance job that will ultimately make your system more energy efficient. If your AC system seems to be inefficient, the first thing you need to clean is the coil system. The coils are the easiest to locate and clean, no matter what your HVAC experience.

What Are Condenser Coils?

The coils are vital in the heat transfer process of the refrigerant through the AC system. The basically draw heat away from the condenser motor. The production of cold air will not be possible if the motor and fan are being slowed down by inefficient coils. The result of inefficient coils is a condenser that has to work harder and suck up more energy in order to force the refrigerant through the lines. The coils line the inner and outer walls of any condenser unit, whether it is round or square. They are aluminum sheets that have small ridges with a little gap between each ridge. The space in between the gaps can get clogged with dirt, slowing down the system.

Before Your Clean

Before you start any work on your coils, make sure your unit is powered off. Not only should the thermostat be in the off position, you should also hit the breaker switch for the power. Once the power is turn off you need to get out a hose.

Cleaning the Coils

First, lightly soak the coils in water. Then, spray them down with some basic cleaning liquid or degreaser. Let the cleaner soak into the dirt so it has time to break it down. Then, spray it out with a strong stream of water. You will probably notice that the water running off the coils is dirty and dark. This is a good sign. It means that the dirt is being washed out the coils.

You don't need to wait for your coils to dry before turning your AC back on. You can reduce how often you need to clean the coils if you cover your condenser when you are not using, especially during the winter months when it is shut down for months at a time. In the long run this easy maintenance will improve the airflow and efficiency of your entire AC system.

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