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3 Things You Should Do To Make Sure Your New Window Air Conditioner Is Ready To Go Next Spring

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Thinking about installing an air conditioner just when winter is starting probably isn't on the minds of many people, but if you own an air conditioner that you just took out of the window recently, you should think about it. Properly preparing an air conditioner before you store it away for a few months can mean the difference between it working well right away when hot weather returns or having it have problems on a hot sweltering day. If you bought an air conditioner for the first time this past summer and don't know what to do before you store it away, here are 3 things you should do so it is ready to install in the window again in the spring.

Clean Coils

The coils are the part of the air conditioner that cools the air as it passes over them so you don't suffer on a hot day. As air passes over the coils, dirt and debris build up on them. The dirt and debris will eventually create a barrier that makes it difficult for the coils to cool the air.

There are two sets of coils: one set is located behind the front grille of the air conditioner and the second set is located at the backend of the air conditioner that sticks outside the window. To remove the front grille, unclip or unscrew (depending on the model) the grille from the tabs on the air conditioner's shell and pull it out.The coils on the back of the air conditioner don't have a cover.

Spray the coils down with warm water and scrub the coils with a soft-bristled toothbrush to loosen the dirt and debris. Use a clean wet rag to wipe the coils and remove the dirt and debris.

Clean Filter

The filter will be located in front or above coils in the air conditioner to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that makes it through to the internal coils. You want to always keep the filter clean or it will block the flow of air into the air conditioner. Some makes and models have filters you can pull out and reuse indefinitely. Pull the filter out, spray it down with warm water, and clean it like you did the coils. If you have a throwaway filter on your model, remove the filter and replace it with a new one.

Store Safely

You need to make sure the air conditioner is stored in a place that is warm and dry to prevent any moisture problems from developing over the winter. The coils on the back of the air conditioner need to be protected. If the back, or front, coils are damaged to the point they leak cooling agent, the air conditioner will be useless and you'll need to buy a new one next spring.

You also want to keep the air conditioner flat to keep the liquid cooling agent from flowing into different parts of the air conditioner's cooling system. If you store it the way it goes into the window, you won't have to worry about the cooling agent moving around. For more winterization tips, contact a company like A-1 American Services.